Creative FLIP at the ECIS 2019 in Helsinki

Creative FLIP at the ECIS 2019 in Helsinki

The Creative FLIP team looks forward to presenting at the European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS) in Helsinki on September 11th 2019.

For the 9th year already the ECIS helps to connect professionals and researchers from Creative Industries to explore possible cross-industrial innovations and future perspectives for the sector. This year the ECIS held under the auspices of Finland’s EU Presidency. The event location perfectly matches the occasion: Kaapeli, a former cable factory and newly redesigned creative space is providing its premises in Helsinki.

What can CCIs contribute to the wider economy and how can cross-innovations impact the competitiveness European wide? What are the challenges we are facing and how can entrepreneurs from the CCI face those?

The expertise of 25 guest-speakers from 15 different countries will offer highly valuable input in order to approach fundamental topics on the future impact and development of the sector. Creative FLIP will be represented by Vassilis Charalampidis, Dubravka Jurisic and Joost Heinsius, who will discuss these and other questions closely related to main objectives of the Creative FLIP project.

The European Creative Industries Summit (ECIS)  also looks at Europe’s future in a wider context and prepares for fruitful exchanges, featuring high profile guests such as Hanna Kosonen (Minister of Culture and Science, Finland), Viviane Hoffmann (Deputy Director, Directorate General for Education and Culture), Joaquim Oliveira Martins (Deputy Director Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities, OECD) and Dr. Christian Ehler (MEP, CoChair of Intergroup Creative Industries, Brussels).

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