Invitation to ECHN family online brunch #3

Invitation to ECHN family online brunch #3

Last week’s online brunch was positive and powerful. Your participation was motivating and it really demonstrated that we are all willing to figure this out together. It also showed that one of our common superpowers is resilience and flexibility as we are all trying to adjust to the rapid changes by being creative and resourceful. 

Trying to keep our online brunch meaningful and valuable for the community, we are preparing the structure of the upcoming meetings and we invite all of you to participate in the Open Space, by presenting a specific topic that you are keen on. This could be anything that you find interesting to share or discuss with the community or it can be a presentation of a/ your study case that can lead to a good practice during these challenging times. A moderated discussion will follow each presentation. If you are up for it, please contact us via email and we will send you detailed instructions for the presentation.

 Join us at this week’s online ECHN family brunch on Friday 3 April at 11 am (CET),
you know what to do, grab your brunch and join us via the following zoom conference call.

We will arrange tables of four to shift-share our feelings and experiences. 

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Summary of ECHN online family brunch #2

How to empower our communities in the time of uncertainty

The focus on our last virtual brunch was how to empower our communities in the time of uncertainty.

After sharing our feelings, expectations and thoughts, Atilim Sahin, the outstanding facilitator of the meeting,  invited us to join an open space for discussion. The format was to break into smaller groups and possibly propose and host a topic for each group. 

4 tables were formed and the discussions started. There were two rounds, during each round, some of the participants of each table moved to another table. Many ideas about how to keep the community alive were shared, activities that can be carried out online, technical knowledge and tips, best practices of hubs that are helping actively the community at this moment, but also how we can prepare to advocate for the sector in a local and European level.

The notes of each table’s discussion can be found here:
Also, for the ones missing our slack channel of communication, please search for

The conclusions of each table were presented by the hosts to all participants and we also discussed what would be our next meeting’ s focus. Several ideas were proposed, we will try and include most of them.