Invitation to ECHN Family Online Brunch #4

Our ECHN family online brunch meetings have emerged because of the global crisis that we are all going through. These meetings made us realize that the existence of the Network is even more crucial during this difficult time. With the contribution of all of you, we have created an Open Space for members to share and discuss all the challenges and problems that have arisen.

We would like to invite you to take the floor in this Open Space and present your topic of interest or a best practice example that can motivate and help the community. Please contact us if you would like to make such a presentation beforehand and we will send you details on the format and structure of your presentation. 

Join us at this week’s online ECHN family brunch on Friday 10 April at 11 am (CET), you know what to do, grab your brunch and follow the link to register for the Zoom conference call. 
We will arrange tables of four to shift-share our feelings and experiences. 

Register for the Zoom call

Summary of ECHN online family brunch #3

Continuing our conversation on How to empower our communities in the time of uncertainty, last week’s meeting was full of ideas, exchange of information and willingness to take action.

Four working groups focused on the following topics:

  • How to adapt our ongoing projects, planned activities in line with delays – P2P, mobilities, etc?

In this table, we discussed the Creative FLIP P2P exchange program that is now on hold and how we can enrich the upcoming exchanges by adding an online strand in the program. Especially for hubs that don’t know each other very well, this could be very useful and take the actual exchange into the next level.

  • How could we take care of hub leaders and hub businesses in general?

               Exploring alternative models that are not focusing on space might be a good idea for the present and the future. Also, now is a good time to revisit the hub’s strategy and adjusting it accordingly.

  • How we can take care of hub members?

Keeping the community alive and participating is key during this difficult time. A lot of leisure community activities can help us bond and stay in touch, but also informing the members about potential governmental aid and hosting learning groups is important.

  • How could we take advantage of this period and connect hubs & hubs members across locations to each other?

How we can gather all local initiatives of the creative sector that are helping with the societal challenges at the moment, like makers 3D- printing masks for medical personnel. Also how artists can contribute to the overall situation. Each working group shared their outputs with the rest of the participants and also wrote down some actions that can be taken in the near future.

 The notes of each table’s discussion can be found here:

Useful links that were shared during the meeting in relevance to our discussions and how the creative world is dealing with COVID-19: