Invitation to ECHN Family Online Brunch #5

ECHN Family Online Brunch has become our common space and our weekly habit. A place where we can meet and exchange. We would like to remind you that this common space is always open to anyone who would like to take the mic and present any case and/or best practice that might be beneficial or interesting to the community.

You just need to contact us and we will include it in the program.Of course, you can always share your experience and thoughts spontaneously, we are just trying to make the meetings well organised and time-worthy for all!

Join us at this week’s online ECHN family brunch on Friday 17 April at 11 am (CET)! Grab your brunch and join us via the following zoom conference call.We will arrange tables of four to shift-share our feelings and experiences. 

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Summary of ECHN online family brunch #4

Last week, we followed up on the topics that we discussed in our previous meeting and any respective progress made. Some of the topics discussed were: Creative FLIP P2P exchange program and its online adaptation, also how we can concentrate all local initiatives and compare information from each country and its response to the current situation.

Part of the wider discussion was how we can trace and assess the needs of hubs and creative businesses at the moment.

Namely, Poligon Center in Slovenia has put together an online survey on the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on workers in the cultural and creative field. This survey was launched last week in Slovenia and the feedback was overwhelming. Luka Piskoric, co-founder of Poligon and member of our Board presented the survey during the online brunch and also shared a test version to ask for the members’ feedback in order to see how the same survey can be adapted in different countries, so we have some comparable data.

Moreover, we shared a working document on how a survey for creative hubs could look like, what are the aims, needs and possible topics to cover. You can find all the things noted down here:

Last but not least, our session closed with some nice music to which we all happily danced to! See you next week!