More than 14,000 people visited in the first month!

More than 14,000 people visited in the first month!

We are very happy to be part of this great project, which is implemented in the context of Creative Flip and it is operated by Goethe Institut and ECHN. 

The platform CreativesUnite serves the urgent need  to gather all information on CCI response to the Covid-19 crisis and make it more structured and accessible to the entire sector. This was emphasized on 8th April 2020 by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, following a virtual meeting of EU Ministers of Culture held regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. She proposed the launch of a platform for the cultural sector to share information and good practices between themselves. This is how the idea of Creatives Unite was born. 
The platform was launched one month ago and we count more than 14,000 visitors, along with more than 165 contributions from the sector! 

Check out the regular updates and of course contribute with any new initiatives!