6 months Creatives Unite

Creatives Unite, the platform by the cultural & creative sectors for the cultural & creative sectors, was launched in May 2020 following a proposal by Commissioner Gabriel in order to gather in one place information and good practices coming from creative professionals in Europe and beyond in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Six months after its launch, the platform counts close to 600 posts and more than 26.000 visitors. Original actions of solidarity, great examples of unity and creativity showed that creatives live up to their name and invent new ways and solutions regardless of the circumstances.

We would like to thank you: individuals, organisations and initiatives that have contributed to the platform and we encourage you to keep sharing with us all COVID-19 related information relevant for the CCS. Creatives Unite relies on your participation in this effort of mutual support for the sector, since we are still walking  an unprecedented and uncertain path.

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