“Makers Talk Mobility”, a series of in-depth interviews by Makers’ eXchange!

Makers’ eXchange (MAX) conducted a series of in-depth interviews with makers across Europe! In these interviews, each one of the makers had the chance to introduce themselves and present their initiatives, discuss about the things that defined them, their success stories, as well as the challenges that they are facing.

Through “Makers Talk Mobility”, these unique and insightful views on maker culture had the chance to be heard! This proved to be really important for widening the field of knowledge on the makers’ universe and defining some of their needs in relation to mobility programmes!

Makers’ eXchange (MAX) is a pilot policy project, co-funded by the European Union, led by the European Creative Hubs Network in partnership with Fab Lab Barcelona, UPTEC and Makery. The project aims to define and test policies and actions supporting the mobility and exchanges of experience between the cultural and creative industries, creative hubs, maker-spaces, fab-labs and formal and non-formal learning and skills development systems in a cross-sectoral way and embed makers’ mobility schemes for skills development and inclusion into mainstream CCIs support programmes, policies and ecosystems across Europe.

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