Next ECHN Family Online Brunch | Friday, February 5th

We are looking forward to catching up on our next family brunch this week. In this month’s brunch the next Hub Spotlight is Lottozero!

Lottozero is a centre for textile design, art and culture in Prato, Italy. They operate both as a creative hub and as a consultancy studio. The work they do in the creative hub is aimed primarily at creative people operating in textiles, textile art and fashion. It responds to their need for space, their need for comparison with other European creators and access to information not available online. Lottozero also provides feedback, tutorship and the possibility to live and exhibit in this environment. 

This Friday we’ll also have the opportunity to welcome Pauline Roussel, from Coworkies, she will present us her book “Around The World in 250 Coworking Spaces”. 

🚀 NEW LINK! Don’t forget to register for this Friday’s brunch (February 5th at 11.00 AM CET) here!

If you are interested in being on Hub Spotlight in April, contact our community manager .