Supporting the neighbouring countries by connecting the dots

On the 2nd of March we organised a Focus Group of Creative Hubs that have in the past supported other refugees’ crisis – thanks again to Hub Nicosia, ChangemakersLab, Habibi.Works and The Cube for their generous contribution and immediate availability. The goal was to meet, share experiences and support the creative hubs currently facing the same challenge. 

This was triggered by one of our members in Moldova – Artcor and Mediacor – who have been supporting refugees from the Ukrainian community, developing activities for the children and providing workspace and conditions to the remote workers from Ukraine. 

This was a very fruitful kick-off meeting, Artcor will gather contacts of other hubs in Moldova going through similar circumstances and soon will set up some training meetings for each one to present their case study and tips on good practises – we will open these events to any hub who can relate and would like to take part. 

What is being done so far:

From Artcor: ACLab (Anticrisis Lab), a platform developed with an Ukrainian partner to respond to the crisis, having as one of the main focus the start of online classes for displaced Ukrainian children, following their national educational program and with Ukrainian teachers. This should be spread to any interested people / groups. 

At ECHN we are fully committed to taking all the action within our reach to tackle this difficult challenge.