COMING UP! This Friday 22nd April the Lighthouse Session #1

Join us for the first of a series of talks on welcoming Ukrainian refugees in creative hubs and cultural structures!

We are starting these talks as a space of open discussion and sharing of experiences, all hub managers, creative and coworking spaces, cultural organisations and other structures that want to contribute to the situation are welcome to join!

The European Creative Hubs Network is inviting creative professionals to share their experience in dealing with the migrant crisis. We are organising a set of discussions and case studies, best practices and tools for effective support. The aim is to create a learning opportunity and debate for the hubs dealing with welcoming people in vulnerable situations for the first time and with no past experience.

The meetings will be held online on live webinars of 1hr30m and the videos will be available for later consultation on our website. We will host 2 professionals per session.  

Session #1 – Friday 22nd April 2022, 11:00-12:30 CET 

Guests: Gabriela Spulirova (Boom!Studios, UK) and Viorica Cerbusca (Artcor, Moldova)

Don’t forget to register here and mare sure to invite anyone who might be interested!

See you all soon!