S4Fashion: wrap up of the Sandpit Day in Athens on March 10-13th!

Congratulations to all who made it!! In this 3 day event there was a constant exchange of ideas, inspiration, wonder and recognition among applicants as well as jury members and organisers. Each project was invited to pitch and receive feedback and mentorship but also connect with so many creative and durable-minded artists and makers. The biggest take away for most of the attending applicants was the connection they felt and the mindset they shared among each other. The pitching and storytelling that took up most of the days, were timely paused for socialising and pleasantries.

After the successful Sandpit event, the 25 finalists for the S4Fashion program have been announced. These 25 projects will continue in the S4F program and receive funding, mentorship and support in the coming months. The objective is the co-production of new knowledge and guidelines drawn from empirical evidence.

Those who did not get funded, have already started stimulating meetings with the S4Fashion team: they will take feedback concerning some missing points from their presentation and the S4F Team will gain valuable insights in order to structure an interesting and useful Crash Programme throughout the next year (1 day workshop, involving initiatives selected in the shortlist of projects and came to the Sandpit Day, but not funded, as well as other organisations across Europe).

You can find the full report of the event here.