Updated Initiatives: how to support Ukrainian Creatives

We have once again gathered a few more suggestions on how to help the situation in Ukraine, with inputs from some of our local members and other partners!  

1) Setting up a Fundraising with a movie screening 

 Fellow filmlovers, curators of art institutions, cultural managers, cinema owners, film programmers all over the world! This is for you. Through Takflix we encourage you to #StandWithUkraine & organize screenings of Ukrainian films available for this purpose. 
A Ukrainian online-cinema Takflix.com will gladly help:
– to receive all necessary rights and permissions
– send you the full HD screening copy with English subs (usually SRT or embedded)
– consult you on program
– help you make a donation to the relevant initiative of your choice 
For further information you can send an email to the Takflix team at takflixcom@gmail.com manifesting your interest and they will give you all the instructions on how to proceed. 

* By the way, did you know that “Man with a Movie Camera” is actually a Ukrainian film? 
It was shot in 1920-s Kyiv and Kharkiv  — two heroic cities that are now fighting for freedom and peace with Russian invaders. 

2) Supporting Hubs in Poland hosting Refugees

The case of Fabryka Sztuki: they are committed to permanent and long-term solutions and this is an opportunity to help them. At 3 Tymienieckiego Street, there is already a playroom for children, which is the beginning of a kind of day center for children and adults.

They have set up a dedicated bank account where they collect funds for:
– organization of classes for Ukrainian families in Łódź,
– scholarships for Ukrainian artists and cultural animators,
– ongoing support for Ukrainian families.

“We are starting to organise various types of cultural and educational activities. This requires the involvement of competent teachers, artists and animators who know Ukrainian. As much as we appreciate the willingness to undertake voluntary work, we are aware that they need work.”

You can get in touch directly with Kasia: k.krawczyk@fabrykasztuki.org

3) Making pianos available for Ukrainian musicians willing to practise: 

The case of the Museum Geelvinck, Amsterdam, which is geared towards the living heritage of piano music. Jurn has personally been involved with efforts in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine for over three decades: “I also work (volunteer) for ICOMOS and as such I was linking pin for SUCHO, an effort to preserve digital content / databases on cultural heritage, libraries etc. on servers in Ukraine by copying this online to servers in Western Europe. Our museum now started a project to support musicians (classical / early music / traditional music), composers, musicologists and others, who fled from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Kazachstan to the Netherlands. We have a network within the classical music performance sector and we can provide pianos, fortepianos and such for practicing. We are in the process of developing a small hub – rather a place to practice on pianos) in Amsterdam (near Central Station). We have volunteers speaking Russian who can help.”

If this fits you or someone you know, you can write to Jurn from the Museum Geelvinck info@geelvinck.nl