The S4Fashion is rolling in full speed!

The show is going on. The 25 selected teams have signed their agreements and earlier this week we kicked off the S4Fashion Support Programme, aiming to develop some really interesting circular fashion concepts with the selected teams.
We will organise every month an S4Fashion inspirational circle, an online inspirational networking event open to the selected pilot teams and the wider S4Fashion Community. Every session we will focus on different aspects in the journey of designing and developing a sustainable circular fashion brand / business.
For the pilot teams, these Inspirational talks serve as input to a working session, where we ask the selected teams to reflect on their own situation and develop their own action plan.
As mentioned above, these sessions are open to everyone. If you are interested, stay tuned and soon we will publish more information on our social media (ECHN & S4Fashion).
Here below you find an overview of the calendar of the S4Fashion Inspiration Circles:
Date                                   Topic
16 June 2022                      Creating Brand Awareness
14 July 2022                       Designing Products That Sell
8 September 2022            Building Vibrant Ecosystems 
13 October 2022                Measuring Success 
10 November 2022            Funding: Tales and Nightmares
8 December 2022              Pitching: Do’s and Don’ts
19 January 2023                Scaling Stories
9 February 2023                Going Global Stories  
9 March 2023                     Sustainable and Circular Fashion: What’s Next?