At the Online Family Brunch we had BULB Gent as guest speaker!

As usual, we kicked off the new month full of renewed energy from our Online Family Brunch! This time we were live from FabLab Lisboa and we had another opportunity to catch up, share, inspire and hear great stories: just like in good old family meetings! Thank you again for all of you who are a part of this beautiful community and make these events so warm and inspiring. 

This time we invited Lizzy, from BULB Gent (Belgium) – they believe creativity will become one of the most import skills of our future. It therefore experiments with different ways of creating an environment to stimulate creativity efficiently so to pave the way to synergy and innovation.
Bulb is a makerspace and it is used as an experimentation ground to test these concepts out, it hosts a range of organisations and makers in the fields of textiles, upholstery, woodworking, furniture making, design, education and stem.

For the last years they have been committed to finding how to build a self sustainable business model for makerspaces but what they shared with us was one of the latest projects running there: a collaboration with the Makerspace Zone to develop an online community platform for makers supporting a Learning Management System (LMS) and exploring the distributed learning possibilities.
They’re exploring the educational system with a major wider geographical range, giving workshops and testing how to teach remotely to a group a students that are physically together. This Distributed Learning Network would allow hubs to make their own workshops and have a network of the community and offer their learning to another one – how cool is this? Make sure to reach out to them for more information! 

p.s. did you know that they also host at their space a bicycle’s library? How inspiring is that?