Programs for ECHN members

HUBS ALLIANCE | Staff Exchange Mobility Program | P2P Learning Program | ECHN Workshops


Are you ready to expand the borders of your workspace beyond your hub’s walls?

The Hubs Alliance program enables hub members to travel and work to another hub of their choice in Europe.

The Hubs Alliance is a dedicated long-term program for free travel and work of hub members across all the joining hubs of the Alliance.

The participating hubs can apply to this program to form a Europe-wide workspace and give the opportunity to their members to spend up to five days working in another creative hub.

The cultural and creative professionals of the network can travel with the security of a workspace and an accommodation, making it easier for them to travel, connect and exchange ideas with the peers and the local scene of the hosting hub!

Staff Exchange Mobility Program

Do you want to upskill and broaden your professional perspectives in the CCI?

The Staff Exchange mobility program helps you kick off  your international career as a creative professional.

The Staff Exchange is a mobility program powered by ECHN that enables staff members of the network’s hubs to visit another creative hub and gain valuable working experience and innovations to introduce in their own hub upon their return.

10 ECHN members will be selected for a tailored exchange that can vary in time (from 1 week to 3 months) and format (job shadowing, lectures, hands-on experience etc).

P2P Learning Program

ECHN launches the first peer-to-peer learning program, aiming at connecting emerging and well-established hub managers or cultural and creative professionals to co-create and share their expertise.

Peer learning is a collaborative way of learning from each other and developing new concepts and ideas with people engaged in the same or relevant field of work. 10 Hub managers or cultural or creative professionals will be selected every year to be part of a peer-to-peer learning program that aims to engage leading, established, and innovative creative hubs with peers from emerging creative hubs across Europe. The idea of the exchanges is to seek new formats of cross-sectoral cooperation, to initiate projects of co-creation or collaborative plans, as well as to share knowledge and expertise across Europe. Participants will also receive a budget to create an event at the hosting hub venue.

ECHN Workshops

Do you think that your hub has the potential to share some valuable knowledge among the ECHN community?

Then submit your proposal and ECHN will support you produce your very own workshop series for hub managers and creative and cultural professionals!

Creative hubs are storehouses of expertise and 21st century skills for the CCIs. For this reason, ECHN is launching a new pilot learning program where different hubs will have the opportunity to hold their own workshops addressed to other hub managers and culture and creative professionals.

Every year, one creative hub from the ECHN network will be selected and supported for the organisation of a learning workshop open to the public. Smaller hub members will be prioritised to be selected to take on this task.

Applicants will share their workshop proposal and the members of the network will have the chance to vote on the proposal they prefer. This voting will determine the selected hub.

The workshops can be based on a blended model of learning.