Sneak Peek: our P2P Learning Program

The P2P Learning Program is designed for ECHN members and it mobilises managers of different creative hubs, who have the chance to visit each other and initiate new impactful collaborations.

During their visit, hub managers explore the hosting hubs, their communities and the local managers. This encounter is finalised to match the expertise and the visions of different creative hubs that have the potential to join forces and create something new and mutually beneficial. During this 5-days exchange, a new project is incubated and then showcased to the local community through a final event that marks the start of a new innovative exploit.


The teams of Cru Creative Hub and Artcor kick-started the first round of ECHN’s #P2P Learning Program. The two hubs brainstormed over a joint project for an International Creative Digital Academy, studying different forms of financing using the #CreativesUnite new tool “So you need Money”. The visit of the Portuguese team in Chisinau was also an opportunity to introduce the network to the local community of professionals. The exchange continues in March with the next visit in Porto! 🇲🇩 🇵🇹