Sneak Peek: our Staff Exchange Program

The Staff Exchange is another Program developed for ECHN members only and it helps staff from the Creative Hubs to find a job shadowing experience in another creative hub of their choice.

Through this exchange, Creative Hubs can enhance the professional experience of their staff members by selecting other Hubs that have the needed skills and know-how. As a big network, creative hubs act as accelerators of professional development.


The latest #StaffExchange connected two rural hubs from Spain and Portugal: Anceu Coliving and Buinho.

Africa, Anceu’s manager, visited Buinho in the region of Alentejo to observe how technology and creativity can be used to have an impact and empower rural communities. Rural creative hubs are a repository of replicable models that can be adopted by any hub aiming to have a strong impact on its local community!
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