The 1st ECHN Workshop on Rural Hacking is coming up!

One of the most-waited ECHN programs is kicking-off from the 24th to the 29th of March! During 5 days, the participants will be immersed in an intensive program around ‘Rural Hacking’ developed by ECHN’s member, Anceu Coliving – who won the first round of proposals for the ECHN’s Workshops. 

There will be 4 main topics to work on during the workshop.

First Day: Team building and discovering Anceu coliving

Second Day: Tips on how to create local impact and how to become a rural hub manager

Third day: Proposals to build rural-urban connections and international alliances

Fourth day: Developing a local challenge together with locals (Pegadas do Recordo)

General structure of each day:

Every day will be composed of 6 main elements:

1. Brainstorming sessions about the topic of the day based on non formal education and

creative dynamics.

2. Lunch with locals at local venues of the area or bringing locals to cook together with


3. Inspirational talks: 7-minute talks by the participants of the workshop. They will share

life changing experiences with the objective to motivate and inspire others on their

journey as rural hub managers. The idea is to learn from others and discover how to

apply the insights to your own life.

During our online sessions previous to the event, each participant selected a specific

aspect they would like to share. According to these proposals we created 4 main topics:

– Rural Impact stories

– New Life models (economic, social and environmental perspective)

– Build your network

4. Relax and chill time to discover the nature around Anceu and its hikes. During this

time, the participants will have time to begin to think and prepare for the local challenge

Pegadas do Recordo.

5. Debriefing session at the end of the day, to get feedback on the flow of the workshop.

We called it Rural Hacker Wannabe Wall. The main objective is to share What did we

learn and how to improve this experience

6. Dinner with locals at local venues of the area or bringing locals to cook together with us.

The 22 attendants are coming from 11 different countries in Europe and here’s the list of the participants in the event! 

Carla Patrícia Cardoso Labandeiro, Quinta Quinhas, Portugal

Jon Hormaetxe, Sun and Co, Spain

Morgane Oleron, Life at Selgars, England

Ben Kolp, The Living Room, Spain 

Joana Carvalho, Dinamo 10, Portugal

Katia Dimova, Chateau Coliving, France

Ana Isabel Gómez Abascal, Wellbeing Economy Alliance, Spain

Arthur Bergeret & Hugo Pillegand, Vine 21, Romania 

Francesco Boldrini, Tertulia Farm, Italy 

Nikola Dobrijević, Sonta Coliving, Serbia

Katya Dimitrova & Anton Penchev, Burgas coliving, Bulgaria 

Bianca Gostin, France

Thomas Macpherson-Pope, Making Rooms, Scotland

Marina Batinić, Culture Hub Croatia, Croatia

Lotte Van Ermengem, Buinho, Portugal

Juan Barbed Isusi, Rooral, Spain 

Miguel A. Herrera Gutiérrez, Genalguacil Pueblo Museo, Spain

Benoit Luisier & Fabienne Luisier, Alpiness, Switzerland

Rita Cortes, ECHN, Portugal