Open call for the Design Academy ‘ADAPT’ co-hosted by VORN -The Berlin Fashion Hub and Zalando

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Are you a fashion designer eager to learn about innovation and inclusive design techniques? Don't miss the chance to embark on an educational journey and learn from fashion industry experts. 

The call for registration to the free of charge Design Academy ‘ADAPT’ is extended until 10 June, 2024: Register here and learn more about the program website.

The 3rd edition of the Design Academy called 'ADAPT' stands for Innovative and Inclusive Fashion Design.  

In this online program you can gain a wealth of knowledge and new skills in order to educate yourself as a future-oriented designer. The program is free of charge.

If you are eager to apply the gained skills you will get the chance to join for the second phase of the program where you will create a showpiece for Berlin Fashion Week ‘25. 

What's new this year? 

- Exclusive trainings where you will learn easily how to make your designs and your brand more inclusive 

- New experts for the trainings in business coaching, digital creation, more sustainable & inclusive design

- Complete CLO basic training - Learn how to digitise your design processes in the future

- Meet like-minded participants with whom you can exchange ideas and networks

- Access to a huge market with large market gaps and its consumers, the adaptive fashion community  

- Insight into Zalando's journey and experience reports on adaptive fashion design 

What are the requirements?

- You are a professional freelance designer, designers with their own brand, designers from independent or established brands or product development professionals located in Europe. 

What do you need to do?

- Register here 

- Create free time for 8 weeks from July 2 to August 22 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm (CET) 

- Make it your goal to work future-oriented as a fashion designer and be at the forefront of the industry

- That's it!