On the last Family Brunch we explored the cultural scene of Tirana

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 For May's Hub Spotlight, and together with Co-founder Sonila Abdalli, we went through 10 years of Destil, the first Creative Hub in Tirana, Albania and we heard all about their future plans.

More than a café, a bar, a coworking and an art gallery, Destil is a project that aims at learning, experimenting and sharing through art and other disciplines, to challenge the dialogue with the city and other local, international and imaginary territories.

Started in Tirana in 2014 by a group of friends, Destil re-thinks shared spaces as a response to the fast transformation of the city. It all began with the re-adaptation of an old villa into a multifunctional space that experimented with architecture, design, cultural initiatives and hospitality. During the first 6 years Destil has established a dialogue with the local and international community of challenging creative minds. In 2021 the concept of Destil grew and is now inhabiting a building constructed in 1938, located in the area facing the New Bulevard Zogu I.

Currently, they're also developing .S.E.A.M., an incubator program for young creatives focused on the symbiotic relationship between concept and matter in terms of design, functionality and production.