The 1st ECHN Workshop on Rural Hacking is coming up!

One of the most-waited ECHN programs is kicking-off from the 24th to the 29th of March! During 5 days, the participants will be immersed in an intensive program around ‘Rural Hacking’ developed by ECHN’s member, Anceu Coliving – who won the first round of proposals for the ECHN’s Workshops.  There will be 4 main topics […]

This month’s Online Brunch had a co-creation session and took us to Moldova!

As usual, on the first Friday of February we had another round of our dear ‘Online Family Brunch’ – our monthly event exclusive to ECHN members!Following last month’s conversation about  decentralised peer communication, where all the members were sharing their experiences and thoughts on the best ways to build bridges, this month we took this time to […]

Can cultural policies tackle future challenges? Find out here.

Creative FLIP has just launched a Policy Paper: “From Reaction to Action – Collaborative Transformation Policies in Culture and Beyond for Future-Oriented Policy-Making and Action”: you can discover how cultural policy frameworks and actions can be updated to better address future challenges.We can be all actors of positive change! Access the full publication here:

What exactly are Cultural Experiences? This research paper defines answers to this question!

A research article ‘Cultural experiences in the framework of Cultural Cities explores how “the cultural city” plays a relevant role in improving the performance of cities, defines “cultural experience” and places it in a holistic conceptual model. You can read the full publication here:

Creatives Unite has gone SOCIAL! 

Now on social media, the most comprehensive platform that unites the cultural & creative world around Europe is now closer than ever! Follow 👇 Creatives Unite’s pages, here: Facebook  |  Instagram  |  LinkedIn  |  TwitterYou can find initiatives, read news & stories, explore #funding and #mobility opportunities, get to know your #intellectualproperty rights and network with your […]

S4Fashion had its 1st Policy Workshop in Ghent!

The 1st of February, the Industrie Museum of Textiles hosted the very first S4F Policy Workshop! Policy makers, EC representatives, intermediaries and some S4F pilots were present and very active! We organised a hands-on workshop, where the participants were separated into 4 groups (Ghent, Flanders, Belgium and Europe). They worked together in order to create new […]

Earthquake: a message & ways to help from our Turkish members

We are extremely sad after one of the most devastating earthquake disasters in Türkiye. Two powerful earthquakes and dozens of aftershocks on Monday collapsed thousands of buildings. The death toll is increasing rapidly and is expected to go beyond 10,000s of people. The initial earthquake hit 4 am in the morning with a 7.7 magnitude, the […]

Willing to host an ECHN event? We’re all ears!

Every year we are looking up for new partnerships and possibilities with our members to host some of our events, being the two conferences the most demanding and challenging!  This is a call to hear about your interest,  in case you feel like you could be one of our future hosts in the events we […]

UrbanCo-WORK project is debating the Future of Collaborative Spaces in Athens!

UrbanCo-WORK project aims at investigating the emergence and wider impacts of collaborative workspaces (CWS) in a critical urban studies and economic geography perspective, through three interrelated scientific objectives: (1) provide a better understanding of the emergence and variations of CWS in the context of rising social and economic challenges in different institutional, political and cultural […]