On our last  Online Family Brunch, we all got inspired by the creative & social impact of Fashion Gren Hub! 

On our November gathering, we had on the Hub Spotlight Annick telling us all about the incredible work they do at the FASHION GREEN HUB, which started in Roubaix, France: a Textile and pioneering Zero Waste City. The Fashion Green Hub is an association of fashion and textile companies committed to a rapid sustainable transition. Since its creation at the end of 2015, it has produced […]

Wrap up of our yearly General Assembly and Conference!

From 9-11 October 2023, ECHN members gathered for two major events: the network’s General Assembly, where they were able to learn about and discuss the pillar priorities and core themes for the next years, and the launch of the first ever Creative Skills Week!  As they learned, the pillar priorities of ECHN are focusing on […]

Throwback to the European Culture & Creativity Days! 

The launching event of the EIT Culture & Creativity happened in Vienna and ECHN members also had the chance to participate and make the event a success! The event brought together 446 creatives, artists, policy makers, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs from 33 countries, who share a passion for culture and creativity. The exchange of ideas, experiences, […]

CHLaYdoscope launched the “European Youth Leaders Academy” in Portimão, Portugal!

The CHLaYdoscope Training Course “European Youth Leaders Academy”, organised and hosted by DYPALL Network, took place from 22nd – 28th October 2023 in Portimão, Portugal. The training aimed to explore innovative methodologies and tools that collaborate to transform community needs, opportunities, and ideas into valuable resources, fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. Additionally, its objective is to […]

The EIT Culture & Creativity needs your input! 

We’re calling all  Creative Hubs and Incubators to fill in the survey! We invite you to lend your expertise and insights to shape a comprehensive analysis of incubation success factors. In a collaborative effort between EIT Culture & Creativity, Impact Hub, and ECHN, we are running an online survey that will play a pivotal role […]

We have a winner! The Making Rooms is hosting the next ECHN Workshop!

This year’s ECHN Workshop will be held by The Making Rooms, a creative hub that joined the network only recently but that already has much to offer to the rest of the ECHN community.The ECHN Workshop will take place in the first week of September in Blackburn, UK. The workshop will focus on empowering those creative […]

BauTopia3 happened in Timisoara with an incredible community!

It was quite a journey and we were really happy to host ECHN members for another Hubs Meetup! Every participant helped make this event a special one, with a true feeling of an enlarged, multiple and diverse family! We want to thank (again) our incredible hosts at FOR, FABER and Ambasada for making this a memorable experience.  The […]

ECHN’s next Conference is within The Creative Skills Week!

Dear community, ECHN is delighted to announce the official launch of: Creative Skills Week 2023 10 – 13 October 2023 Vienna  For this year’s ECHN Culture and Creativity Conference, we are thrilled to announce a collaboration between  the European Creative Hubs Network and the CYANOTYPES project and to invite you to our joint event.  For the first time, the Cultural and Creative Industries are being addressed as an industrial ecosystem. The issue of […]

The Rural Hacking Toolkit is online and available for download!

This toolkit is the result of the first ECHN Workshop hosted by Anceu Coliving in the Galician countryside. The ECHN Workshops put the spotlight on smaller or peripheral creative hubs in order to identify hidden basins of innovative practices and accelerate the sharing of knowledge among the members of the ECHN network and beyond.