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Frequently Asked Questions

general information about ECHN

1How do you define a Creative Hub
A creative hub is a physical space for creative & cultural professionals that offers the most effective way to support their growth, collaboration, interaction and development

members related questions

1Our hub has involved in previous ECHN activities, do we still need to apply for the membership?
Yes. All the hubs need to apply for the membership regardless of their previous relationship with the network.
2Until when we need to apply for membership in order to avoid the selection process?
If you are previously involved in ECHN activities, you will be directly accepted as a member of the network without going through the selection process. The application deadline for accepting this open invitation for direct membership is October 10th, 2018. You’ll be accepted directly in the network as a regular or an associate member; depending on the 4 criteria defined in the value proposition document.
3My previous hub was part of the ECHN project, but I am working with a different hub at the moment. Do I have the priority of skipping selection process with my new hub?
No. Not the individuals, but the hubs are going to be considered as respondents of the membership process. The new hub should apply for the membership and assign you as its representative.
4What are the differences between regular and associate members?
Associate members benefit from all the value offerings proposed in the document. They will be included in all communications channels and will be invited to all the workshops and events. The only difference for associate members is that they cannot vote in the general assembly.
5If my hub doesn’t have a physical space, is it possible to become a regular member instead of an associate member?
No. One of the criteria to be a regular member is to have a physical space. But associate members could switch to regular membership when they fulfill the required criteria. Associate members should inform the steering committee via to switch their membership types.
6What are the fees for associate members?
It is the same as the regular membership fees.
7When do we start to pay the membership fee?
Membership fees are yearly basis fees. The fees for 2019 should be handled before the 31th of December, 2018. Steering committee informs members regarding the bank account details etc. within two weeks following their applications.
8When do we need to renew the membership?
The memberships are renewed automatically when the members transfer the upcoming years’ fee before the end of 2019.
9Do associate members join the general assembly?
Yes, they do. But they do not have a chance to take part in the votings.
10Why should I join the Network? What are the benefits of being a member?
1. Communication 2. Training and Development 3. Events 4. Policy advocacy 1. Communication is about what happens in the network and will give you important knowledge about what is happening in the network and in the hubs in the network. If you have something to share with network, this will also be a channel for you. 2. The training workshops are on the sketch board, and we are planning 3 workshops per year and a peer-to-peer program. It is an important leg in the network, because with training we can make the hubs more sustainable and resilient. 3. We believe it is important to meet in a network. This is when the network comes alive, and members will get a chance to meet and connect. 4. Policy advocacy is a new strand of the network. The ambition is to support members on national and municipal level as well as representing the CCI's on an international level.
11What is the validity period of memberships?
Memberships are valid in a yearly basis (January – December) For members applying after July 1st of every year, members can pay half the membership fee for the current year applying.