Nurturing Communities

At the outset of the program, I set several goals for myself, which included:

– Engaging in discussions with local residents to understand the prevalent construction styles in the city

– Discovering how Atolye operates and speaking with the individuals who manage it

– Getting acquainted with the architectural team at the coworking space

– Advancing the construction phase of my project in London

– Managing interactions with various consultants following site visits

– Organizing meetings to address issues observed during site visits

– Delivering outstanding project packages to both the client and the contractor within the week

– Attending a training course for a software I am enrolled in

– Exploring the city, its history, and its main monuments to gain a deeper understanding of its cultural context.

This exchange has provided me with valuable networking opportunities, collaboration prospects, and personal and professional growth. I’ve had the chance to connect with professionals from various backgrounds, customize my workspace to suit my needs, and benefit from a supportive community. Despite the occasional challenge of striking a balance between social interaction and productivity, my personal experience underscores the substantial value of coworking exchanges in improving my skills, expanding my network, and fostering both personal and professional development.