Application Form - for hubs

The Hubs Alliance is a program dedicated to the ECHN members and whose goal is to create a Europe-wide platform for mobility dedicated to cultural and creative professionals. The creative hubs who join the Alliance will form an international affiliation of workspaces that will allow the cultural and creative professionals to move temporarily to another hub and work there for up to 6 days (5 nights funded by the program). The exchange is possible only among hubs that joined the Alliance. 10 applicants in total will take part in the program every year, selected on a first-come-first-served basis.

What are the benefits?

By joining the Hubs Alliance, you will enable the cultural and creative professionals of your hub to travel to and work in another hub of the Alliance for up to 6 days (5 nights). Besides, you will have the chance to welcome professionals from other hubs and create new connections among the creative community housed in your hub. The beneficiaries of this program will be granted with an amount of up to 1175€ to travel and stay in the hub destination.

What are the obligations?

By joining the Hubs Alliance, you confirm your availability to host cultural and creative professionals coming from other hubs, providing them with the workspace and the equipment at your disposal. The guest professional must be welcomed and treated like all the other members of your hub.


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