Creatihub Hub Exchange Experience From Espacio Arroelo en Pontevedra to Cru_creative hub in Porto M. Isabel Ures Garcia

The objective of this exchange is mainly to experience how working in other
countries ́s coworking spaces even if doing the same job changes on the day
to day.
Observe the changes seen, broaden my knowledge and enrich the community.
Feel the cultural diversity, gaining creativity and motivation to engage in future

The Space

Cru’s coworking offers a wide variety of options to fullfil needed requirements.
As you enter there is a coffee area that welcomes people from the coworking
and outside clients. They offer a specialiced coffee that it’s roasted at CRU by
Diogo. The coffee raw grains are brought from all over the world. There is an
amazing area within the coworking where the coffee is roasted and packaged.
In Porto people have a great taste for coffee and value speciality coffee from
way back.
Within the same space after the coffee area there is the ̈Loja ̈. It’s a Design
Shop offering work from selected artists. You can find clothes, accesories,
jewls, stationary and other forms of art. There is a lot of work and support
behind this artists. Tania contributes a lot in this area. Virginia is the shop
manager, she has great people skills, always with a smile to help you and even
make a slow brew Senzu coffee for you.

Photography, recording studios, meeting area and make-up room are situated
in the basement.
Back upstairs we cross a wall to wall glass division that encloses the coworking
open space for office work. This area its quiet and confortable to work in.
Another glass division to close this area and we come into the kitchen followed
by a glass cabin where Diogo has his working space for coffee roasting.
And last but not least we find a beautiful relaxing green backyard area with a
big table for lunch, coffee, meetings ang take a break .
I dare to say Cru is a perfect space to motivate inspire new ideas in a diverse

Quarteirao de Miguel Bombarda

The biggest Art Exhibition invades every corner as you come into this
neighbourhood. Numerous galaries greet you with open doors.
But art it’s also in the rest of the bussines. Restaurants originally designed,
I must point out the patios at the back are a small oasis to enjoy food, drink,
conversation. Letting creativity florish.
Concept stores offer a creative and inspiring option all over, vintage shops
taking us back in time, coffee bars wether small or big allways leave a good
feeling that I take as the best souvenir.
Kokedamas stole my heart, beautiful hanging gardens, they are very popular.
Plants are all over the place not only at florists.
The cobbled streets take you everywhere in this neighbourhood, so tipical of
Portugal in general.
And of course there’s murals at the turn of many corners

The Experience at CRU

I enjoyed a vegetarian meal with the community cooked by Sophie from
(Scrambled farm) she gave us the nutritional value in the ingredients used.

We really enjoyed the delicious food and the exchange of nutricional
information at the patio.
Also the feeling of sharing with the community, laughing and knowing them
outside of work enviroment it’s a plus. The sun and the blue sky accompanied
us along the afternoon.

̈Sobreamesa ̈

An after lunch get together, where Ana Santos and I brought Tarta de Santia-
go to share, and also shared my experience in Arroelo and my interest in

Reflexology as a project for the near future.
It was important to see how much we have in common as a community even if
the space and country is different.
At Arroelo we have a gathering called ̈Café a la fresca ̈where Africa organises
something once a week to bring new ideas and inspiretion to the community.
I find this very good experience for the community because we come in
contact with things hat we might never come across otherwise.

Café a la fresca

Brought back home to Arroelo’s family a Kokedama, Some flavors to enjoy
from Meia.dúzia and most of all excitement and good vives. I found my
experience most fulfilling, I tried to share the whole Bombarda feeling with my
collegues and encourage them to follow pattern next year.
I trully appreciate this days in Cru and find this an inspiration for anyone who
needs to fill their minds with positivity, creativity, freedom, culture and endless
Also feeling that you can continue working while travelling to different
countries gives great sense of freedom.
I thank everyone involved in creating this allience between coworking