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Become an ECHN member

Become a member following these easy steps:

1. Read our Value proposition
2. Fill in the Membership form
3. You will receive our feedback,
including our official signup/mandate letter and the membership payment details for joining the Network.


In order to establish a successful network, clearly defined membership criteria are essential.
The following criteria define the core membership of the network.

CRITERIA #1: A hub’s focus must be to support the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs).
CRITERIA #2: A hub must be a base for multiple businesses from Creative Industries.
CRITERIA #3: A hub must run a physical space
CRITERIA #4: A hub must be focused on the professional and social development of its community

There are two ways to join the network.

1. As a regular member
2. As an associate member

If you meet all the four criteria above, you would be qualified to join the network as a regular member. By paying their annual membership fee, regular members benefit from all of the network activities/resources, and have a right to vote, nominate, initiate etc.
If you meet only the first two criteria above, you would be acknowledged as an associate member. Associate members have the right to benefit from all the activities and resources by paying annual fees. The only difference for associate members is that they cannot vote or be nominated in the general assembly. Other organizations and/or individuals (hubs without physical space, civil society organizations, public bodies, consultancies, education institutions, academics etc.) can sign up as associate members.

About ECHN

The European Creative Hubs Network is a peer-led network with a mission to enhance the creative, economic and social impact of the creative hubs.

There are many existing creative and cultural networks in Europe, however, none is specifically tailored to support physical spaces that provide services to multiple creative businesses, which we define as ‘‘creative hubs’’.
As focal points for creative businesses, hubs offer the most effective way to support the growth and development of creative industries. To achieve this, hubs themselves need to network, to pool resources, share best practices, and build on advocacy, policy and opportunities.
We see the network continuing to prosper and thrive, as both Europe and the rest of the world begin to understand better the impact creative industries have on our economy. It is clear that the European Creative Hubs Network offers the best route to support hubs, and hence Europe’s creative network.