Hubs Alliance
Experience Stories

The Hubs Alliance creates an Europe-wide workspace for the creative and cultural professionals who populate ECHN’s creative hubs.

In this section, you can explore the past Hubs Alliace exchanges, see the faces behind every exchange and have a closer look at their collaborative projects!

Cru @ PAU

Karin Eden

A Memorable Experience: Exploring Barcelona's Coworking Space PAU

"Throughout my stay, I had the opportunity to work in PAU's coworking facilities, engage in their daily events, and connect with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and professions."
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Espacio Arroelo @ ATÖLYE

Andrea Varela

Nurturing Communities

"I've had the chance to connect with professionals from various backgrounds, customize my workspace to suit my needs, and benefit from a supportive community."
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Arroelo @ Romantso

Julia Casal

The Sounds of an Alive Space

"Not only was it enriching visiting a new country and learning about it, but also to be in contact with a very new and different coworking space and coworkers, and learn how that can affect my working days in many ways."
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Espacio Arroelo @ Prostor

Sibila Pujadas

Sharing Graphic Techniques

"I was pleased to teach and exchange knowledge with people from different ages and backgrounds."
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Arroelo @ Cru

Ana Santos

"De vella a bella"

"We were invited to a film exhibition by students who were part of an artistic residency in Vila do Conde, and one of the documentary directors, Manuel Vitorino, a retired journalist, is a contributor to the blog."
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ATÖLYE @ BIOS Romantso

Emre Erbirer

Hubs Alliance Report

"This program, where cultural and creative professionals who usually work in a single creative hub, have the chance to discover new professional communities and discover local creative environments, offers a very important opportunity to cultural and creative professionals who have less mobility than artists and entrepreneurs."
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Anykščiai Art Incubator @ ARTERIA LAB

Justina Kamarauskaite

ARTERIA LAB residency in Portugal

"I realized that communication, sharing creative work with other artists, in a team, in the community is an important aspect for my creativity at the moment,"
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Ignacio Marquez

Bringing together the co-living environment and European project experiences

"This journey has sown the seeds for future collaborations, promising a rich blend of rural and urban creative communities coming together to learn, share, and grow."
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Arroelo @ The Living Room

Baia Fernández de la Torre

A creative exchange between Espacio Arroelo coworking and TLR Coworking

"I have felt very welcome and very comfortable in The Living Room Coworking, I can say that I felt at home. Benjamin and Valeria are great hosts."
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Arroelo @ Cru

Isabel Ures

From Espacio Arroelo en Pontevedra to Cru_creative hub in Porto M. Isabel Ures Garcia

I trully appreciate this days in Cru and find this an inspiration for anyone who needs to fill their minds with positivity, creativity, freedom, culture and endless knowledge.
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PAU @ Arteria Lab

SiMing Zhang

Trip to Arteria Lab in Évora

"I enjoyed the creative use to recycled materials, such as plastic from various daily sources, discarded materials, and naturally occurring objects."
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The Living Room @ PROSTOR

Kelly O'Brien & Sam Watkins

Exploring the Harmonious Convergence of Art, Nature, and Productivity in Coworking Spaces: A Journey from The Living Room to PROSTOR

"The biggest difference in PROSTOR vs. other spaces is the feeling of community. It is a small space where you can easily get to know everyone."
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