Textile Labs Knowledge Exchange

The main objective of the proposed exchange program was to share the experience and the best practice that the Fashion and Design Chamber has achieved in creating a strong network within sector representatives.


As a result of the project the organizations have shared the experience on how to establish a strong network within industry players and the Armenian cases, own experience and success stories with the sector representatives/businesses/designers on how to create collaboration projects, concept stores and work together and create stronger network.


The program took place from Sept 7 to 10 during Moldovan Brands Runway. It was a unique fashion event, organized by APIUS and ZIPHOUSE, with the aim of arousing the public’s interest in fashion designers from the Republic of Moldova. It was a platform where each brand has the opportunity to become more visible to the general public and the entire fashion community. 


Under the exchange program devoted to support the ZIPHOUSE team and industry representatives FDC team leader Elen Manukyan hold group and individual meetings on how to strengthen collaboration and establish mutual projects within sector players. In the framework of the exchange program the following activities have been implemented:

  1. Working session was hold with ZIPHOUSE team on how to strengthen the network within industry;

  2. Group and individual meetings with the sector representatives/brands/designers on how to collaborate together, how to establish concept-stores, how to created mutual collections, etc. based on Armenian examples.

  3. Producing visibility campaign on the overall exchange program, coverage which includes photos and videos, stories, reels, etc. from the event.


Reached outcomes

  • raised social media coverage on Armenian and Moldavan sector audience about exchange program (FDC webpage, Facebook, Instagram),

  • established strong collaboration within two organizations/countries, as a continuation of this exchange program the organizations are now working on new regional project which will be launched next month, 

  • raised awareness of the regional projects, ECHN, FDC, ZIPHOUSE, etc.

  • created designers’ database in order to be used by both partners for further event, among them is the official invitation from FDC to invite one Moldovan brand to participate on Yerevan Fashion Week in May 2024 as international guest brands, 

  • increased interest & motivation within sector representatives to work together, establish concept stores of Moldovan brands in the country as exist in Armenia.