Yerevan Fashion Week

The P2P scheme was set up to boost peer-to-peer work and knowledge exchange possibilities between Armenia and Moldova through the framework of the European Creative Hubs Network project. The program has enabled learning and exchange of best practices, as well as has created international collaboration.

The program was designed to support the Fashion and Design Chamber team from Armenia to experience working with ZIPHOUSE team leader from Moldova in sharing the best practices and engage in learning experiences and knowledge transfer under the framework of Yerevan Fashion Week organizational activities. The P2P Learning Program on “Yerevan Fashion Week Experience Exchange with Moldova” was funded in the framework of the European Creative Hubs Network project by the European Commission.

From July 1-6, 2023 the Fashion and Design Chamber of Armenia (FDC) has organized for the first time “Yerevan Fashion Week” with the main objective to make it an annual event. It was a one-week event full of about 22 catwalk shows, 2 exhibitions, showroom areas for more than 60 Armenian fashion brands, fashion talks with more than 20 international guests from fashion press, experts, buyers, influencers, etc. 


Being the first experience for the FDC team and overall Armenian support team engaged in organizational activities, the Moldovan colleague, ZIPHOUSE team leader Tulgara Carolina under the framework of the learning program has provided capacity building workshop and coaching during the event, since Moldova had experience in organizing many editions of fashion weeks. Hence the exchange through workshop and practical in filed advice to FDC colleagues on implementation of the event was very crucial.


ZIPHOUSE is an innovative platform supporting young designers and start-ups from Moldova, founded within a MOU between the Ministry of Education and Research, the Association of local manufacturers in fashion and the Technical University of Moldova. Its aim is developing a strong local fashion community, but also to connect the local fashion industry with the international experts and leaders in fashion. That’s why each contact sand collaboration with an international actor of global fashion eco-system is extremely important. Having the opportunity to discover the activities of Fashion & Design Chamber of Armenia, but also to identify challenges and problems that Armenian fashion industry is facing at the moment, the both Organizations concluded that historically having the same post-Soviet customers and habits, we have identically the same challenges to face in both countries.


This made us understand that an exchange of experience will be helpful for both organization FDC and ZIPHOUSE, in order to take the good examples as model for the future activities.


The colleague from Moldova, Tulgara Carolina has supported the FDC team in providing capacity building on how to manage the whole Yerevan Fashion Week event, how to work with technical and volunteers’ teams, how to divide responsibilities and roles within internal staff, etc. since 


In the framework of the learning exchange program the following activities have been implemented:

  • 1-day workshop on “How to organize fashion week” for FDC staff and supporting team engaged in organizing Yerevan Fashion Week (26 participants from which 6 FDC staff, 8 technical support team that have been hired by FDC specially for working under YFW event and 12 volunteers).

  • Coaching and mentoring FDC team during fashion week catwalk shows and other events. 

  • Producing visibility campaign on the overall exchange program, which includes photos from workshop and coaching activities as well as short videos about program. 

  • After event follow up and lessons learned online sessions with FDC team.  



During all the six days of the learning exchange program Tulgara Carolina, as a leader of the fashion industry in Moldova, has been working side by side with FDC team, helping to avoid some unpredictable situations or risks.