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Invitation to ECHN Family Online Brunch #5

ECHN Family Online Brunch has become our common space and our weekly habit. A place where we can meet and exchange. We would like to remind you that this common space is always open to anyone who would like to take the mic and present any case and/or best practice that might be beneficial or interesting to the community.

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Invitation to ECHN Family Online Brunch #4

Our ECHN family online brunch meetings have emerged because of the global crisis that we are all going through. These meetings made us realize that the existence of the Network is even more crucial during this difficult time. With the contribution of all of you, we have created an Open Space for members to share and discuss all the challenges and problems that have arisen.

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Invitation to ECHN family online brunch #2

We would like to invite you to the second online ECHN family brunch this Friday, to discuss how we can empower our communities in the time of uncertainty, exchange our experiences and best practices to overcome this period and prepare for the new challenges

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Creative FLIP announces the results of the 2nd round of P2P exchange!

We are pleased to announce the results of the second round of Creative FLIP’s Peer-to-peer program. This round will include 30 exchanges as, according to the evaluation procedure, 30 applications met the required criteria. The P2P program is aiming at exchanging best practices, linking creative hubs and the educational sector, co-creating projects and collaborative plans between the participants.

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Uniting hubs and hub people.
Training hubs in order to conceive new functional forms that are used,
not only for internal practical purposes
but also for cities where space for creatives, is limited.

In a precarious climate, it is a way to create a safe environment,
which reflects a healthy society and retains creativity at all times
or orientate them so that they absorb maximum attention and help.
These two strategies allow the extension of the capacity,
so that new ideas have enough time to mature,
while the horizontal branch expansion can increase creativity and new ideas production