Programs for ECHN members

P2P Learning Program | Staff Exchange Mobility Program | ECHN Workshops | Hubs Alliance

P2P Learning Program

A custom-made mobility program for creative hub managers who want to set off new innovative collaborations.

Peer learning is a collaborative way of learning from each other and developing new concepts and ideas with professionals engaged in a relevant field of work.
Hub managers will be selected every year to be part of a 5-days long peer-to-peer exchange that aims to engage leading, established, and innovative creative hubs with peers from emerging creative hubs across Europe. The idea of the exchanges is to:

  • seek new formats of cross-sectoral cooperation
  • initiate projects of co-creation or collaborative plans
  • share knowledge and expertise across Europe.

13 Visiting Hubswill be supported with travel and accommodation expenses. 13 Hosting Hubs will be supported in the implementation of a final event to showcase the exchange’s main outcomes with the local community.

The end of the exchange will produce a collection of the participants’ stories, a publication that will be used for advocacy and to promote peer-to-peer exchanges in the European cultural and creative sector.

Staff Exchange Mobility Program

The Staff Exchange mobility program helps you kick off  your international career as a cultural and creative professional.

The Staff Exchange is a mobility program powered by ECHN that enables staff members of the network’s hubs to visit another creative hub and gain valuable working experience, innovative skills and know-how to introduce in their home hub upon their return.

The Staff Exchange targets professionals of all levels of career and of all sectors of your hub, including production managers, communication officers, bar managers, technicians and more! Participants will receive a financial support to travel to another ECHN hub and experience an up-skilling working experience that can take a customised format: job-shadowing, project-based, workshop, lecture and more.

ECHN Workshops

Does your Creative Hub have some valuable knowledge to share among the ECHN community?
Submit your proposal and ECHN will support you produce your very own workshop for hub managers and creative and cultural professionals!

Creative hubs are storehouses of expertise and 21st century skills for the cultural and creative industries. The ECHN Workshops program supports emerging creative hubs set up impactful workshops that target other hub managers and stakeholders, to spread and share specific know-how and expertise that would otherwise remain uncollected.

Every year, one creative hub from the ECHN network will be elected by the ECHN community to produce a learning experience powered by ECHN. Small and emerging creative hubs will be prioritised to allow them to amplify their resonance in the international map.

The creative hubs granted by the program will be ECHN ambassadors and will have the opportunity to let ECHN members interface with local and international experts in the CCIs.  Every ECHN Workshop will eventually produce a final output to share with the rest of the ECHN community.


Are you ready to expand the borders of your workspace beyond your hub’s walls?

The Hubs Alliance is a mobility program that allows cultural and creative professionals of all sorts to expand their workspace to a Europe-wide level.

By joining the Hubs Alliance, creative hubs unite their spaces and facilities to create a cross-border workspace.

Cultural and creative professionals who usually work in a single creative hub will have the chance to navigate the Hubs Alliance exploring new professional communities and delving into local creative scenes.

Participants will have the chance to pick and travel to another creative hub of the Hubs Alliance and will receive a grant to cover travel and accommodation costs for up to five days.