Meet Lorenzo and Colm: Two Early Stage Researchers (ESRs), hosted by ECHN!

ECHN participates in the CORAL-ITN, a research project about co-working spaces in rural areas. Lorenzo Marmo and Colm Stockdale are two PhD researchers that will be hosted by ECHN for the next three years. 

Lorenzo and Colm have recently landed in Greece and along with other two ESRs, Vera Fabinyi and Alexandra Wrbka, hosted by Panteion University, they are focusing on a research journey while also blending and integrating with the local community of Athens, where they are currently based for the needs of their research.

They are benefiting from the fact that they can share an office as part of the Romantso hub’s co-working space, where they work together, have lunch and create a small  family. For them, landing in a foreign country is challenging, but meeting other people with the same profile and common research interests is reassuring. 

ECHN warmly welcomes all four ESRs and promises to support them in any future challenges they’ll face.

CORAL- ITN is a Marie Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Network (2021-2024). Its aim is to unpack the latent dynamics and impacts of collaborative workspaces in rural and peripheral areas and integrate them as development tools in local and regional policies to open up new potentials for socio-economic development.

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