On our Online Family Brunch we dove into Creative Spark!

To start the month, we gathered once again for our Online Family Brunch! Another round of our monthly event exclusive to ECHN members. This is our moment to catch up, share and inspire and we also have the opportunity to hear great stories: just like in good family meetings! Thank you again for all of you who are a part of this beautiful community and make these events so warm and inspiring. 


Last Friday, we had the pleasure to have not one but three of the ladies that make Creative Spark (Dundalk, Ireland) an amazing place! Sarah, Jacqui and Grainne took turns to explain us in detail what they have been doing so far and also told us all about their future plans, which include a new space downtown, artistic residencies, exchanges, in sum: a place to work and a place to learn. 

Creative Spark is a social enterprise aiming to develop the local creative industries sector, support new and established innovative enterprises and activate creativity in the community! Creative Spark launched in 2012 an it provides space, skills, technology, structures and a platform for peer support and capacity building for creative practitioners, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

They’re on a mission to provide space and technology and deliver diverse programmes that reach and activate the local creatives and entrepreneurs by building capacity and staying ahead of requirements for successful creative and innovative entrepreneurship.