Digi-Art project on metaverse and NFTs has open (re)sources on the topic

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From our member CRU Creative Hub: In a world that is rapidly digitising and facing pandemic situations, the Digi-Art project aims to open a new field of activity for artists and to develop the vocational training program they need in the fields of metaverse and NFT production. 

In addition to the main objective, the specific objectives of Digi-Art are to inform artists about Metaverse and NFT production; develop digital technology skills and literacy of artists; improve interdisciplinary working skills of artists; enhance the resilience of creative communities against changing economic, social and technological conditions; develop a VET program compatible with digitising sectoral activities; establish a digital platform that will bring together artists and the creative community. 

The Digi-Art project has created an open source for this topic’s related materials that you can find here.