Cultural and Arts Entrepreneurship in adult education 

At the heart of different lifelong learning programmes across Europe, the discussion of the creative economies, their characteristics and the need for adult training to create a future workforce that possesses creative, cultural or artistic skills, is always vivid. 

Within the context of this discussion, the gradual shift from an almost exclusive focus on management to the potential of cultural entrepreneurship, has seen an increase in interest.

CREATION responds to these emerging needs by offering pedagogical approaches and a practical training based in the environment of creative industries.

CREATION specifically targets underrepresented groups, including women who come from marginalised backgrounds (migrants, refugees and asylum seekers). Additionally, CREATION addresses adult educators and migrant support workers, as the key intermediaries who directly support migrant women.

The CREATION project allows for more opportunities for migrant women to broaden their opportunities, create better prospects for independent work and integration in their host communities.