ECHN Workshops

Creative hubs are storehouses of expertise and 21st century skills for the cultural and creative industries.

The ECHN Workshops program supports emerging creative hubs set up impactful workshops that target other hub managers and stakeholders, to spread and share specific know-how and expertise that would otherwise remain uncollected.

Every year, one creative hub from the ECHN network will be elected by the ECHN community to produce a learning experience powered by ECHN. Small and emerging creative hubs will be prioritised to allow them to amplify their resonance in the international map.

The creative hubs granted by the program will be ECHN ambassadors and will have the opportunity to let ECHN members interface with local and international experts in the CCIs. Every ECHN Workshop will eventually produce a final output to share with the rest of the ECHN community.

Hybrid digital/physical workshops

4-day-long workshops

Priority to emerging creative hubs

Produce your own shareable toolkit


10.000€ grant for one workshop with a minimum of 15 participants

Freedom to customise the workshop’s format around the year’s theme

Support from the ECHN team