Peer to Peer Learning

For hub managers who want to kick-start innovative collaborations.

"The exchange between Blivande and The Spark created a common ground for supporting each other in the future.”

Michela Musto - Director at The Spark Creative Hub, visiting Blivande.

"The teams at Cru and Artcor were able to learn from each other's experiences and strategies, and this exchange will serve as a valuable resource for future collaborations."

Misha Turcanu - Community Manager at Artcor, visiting Cru.


The P2P Learning Program aims at facilitating innovative collaborations among creative hub managers who are willing to:
seek new formats of cross-sectoral cooperation
initiate projects of co-creation or collaborative plans
share knowledge and expertise across Europe.

For whom

The P2P Learning Program is open to managers of emerging as well as established creative hubs.


Visiting Hubs will be supported with travel and accommodation expenses up to 1175€. Hosting Hubs will be supported with a 500€ grant for the implementation of a final event to showcase the exchange’s main outcomes with the local community.

For innovative collaborations between creative hubs

Tap into the network's innovation practices

Co-design new initiatives for your hub and its community


1175€ per Visiting Hub for travel and accomodation

500€ per Hosting Hub to produce a final event

Support in match-making with other hubs

Promotion of your experience through our channels


  • This call is open to hub managers and other managerial positions from hub members of the ECHN network. Hubs must hold a regular or associate membership with ECHN.
  • The candidates should first pick their matching hub and confirm their availability before filling in the application form. You can browse ECHN’s Network Map to check the ECHN hub members – you can filter your search according to country, sectors, services and facilities. Make sure to tick the “available for mobility programs” box.
  • In case you need help in finding the right match, send us an enquiry and we will assist you in the process. Contact email: &
  • The application form needs to be filled in by the Visiting Hub. The application form includes a draft of Work Plan that summarises the theme, objectives and activities of the exchange.
  • Upon confirmation of the application, Visiting and Hosting Hubs will proceed to signing an agreement and confirming the plan.
  • The selection is based on a first-come first-served basis, but ECHN has the right to decline any application that does not fulfil the program’s requirements.

  • Click here to apply