Wrap up of our yearly General Assembly and Conference!

newsculture and creativity conference

From 9-11 October 2023, ECHN members gathered for two major events: the network’s General Assembly, where they were able to learn about and discuss the pillar priorities and core themes for the next years, and the launch of the first ever Creative Skills Week!

As they learned, the pillar priorities of ECHN are focusing on supporting the development and growth of creative hubs across Europe, promoting the values of creative hubs to policy makers and stakeholders, facilitating the collaboration and networking among creative hubs.

Beside this, the main themes on focus are: Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion, Digital Transformation, Innovation and entrepreneurship, and also the Future of Work.

After the GA, we had and incredible start to #CreativeSkillsWeek2023! 200 participants joined from various fields of the CCS, and Vienna became the essential destination for creatives, producers, leaders, cultural workers, managers, educators, crafters, grafters, changemakers and dreamers, who care about what the future holds for creative skills development.

The events happened both in person and virtually, delving into the theme of learning and relearning, and participating in a dynamic programme collaboratively crafted by each participant.

A warm thanks to our members and all participants for sharing their experiences and for inspiring one another – a special thanks is also extended to our host @dieangewandte for generously accommodating our main feature, Anticipating Creative Futures and ECHN’s General Assembly.

The highlights of the event are already available on the photo gallery, at CSW website! (Photos by Paul Pibernig)

You can also view the recordings of the plenary sessions of Anticipating Creative Futures

All the details at : www.creativeskillsweek.eu  

Thank you all for your participation and support!