COMING UP: Free cycles of Future DiverCities webinars!!

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Starting April 21st, 2023 and developing until May 2024, a series of engaging webinars on urban ecology and changemaking programs are proposed by two partners of the Future DiverCities project, Trajna and INNOCAMP PL.

Future DiverCities not only supports the sparking of new cultural initiatives in eight cities across Europe. It also offers two series of training and knowledge sharing programs, to build new capacities on innovative approaches regarding temporary artistic uses through urban and territorial regeneration. The relevant knowledge is transferred to support local initiatives within the project, but it’s also an open and free opportunity for a wider community of European practitioners, social innovation and cultural organisations, and active city-users.

The capacity building strand supports the partners and the local coalitions throughout the whole project. This is one of the factors that will enable continual innovation within each pilot intervention, with the wider aim of stimulating complex, quadruple helix patterns of collaboration by building a widespread ecosystemic capacity in each of the project cities as well as across them. Some of the concepts underlying the training method are the acknowledgment of the non-linear complexity of knowledge-based approaches, the relevance of ecosystem-based design in addressing urban transformation, and the difference that adopting a changemaking posture can bring in social innovation processes.

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All the training will be delivered in English