The first Family Brunch of the year introduced us to Skola6’s new creative quartier!


As usual, on the first Friday of January we had another round of our dear ‘Online Family Brunch’ – our monthly event exclusive to ECHN members!

The first part of the conversation was an open and interesting debate about decentralised peer communication, where all the members were sharing their experiences and thoughts on the best ways to build bridges! It was amazing to see some new faces and to hear all the interesting thoughts they had to share.

To kick off the New Year, we welcomed Amanda and Marita from Skola6 to present their #hubspotlight!

This is is a rural hub in Cēsis, Latvia, with around 60 residents which has as the main focus the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit among the local creatives and the creation of more and better services and products. They promote internal skills exchange among their members, as they all have something to teach!

Recently, they embraced a new and ambitious challenge: together with Cēsis Municipality, Skola6 is now planning to open a new Creative Quarter by the end of 2023, which will be community based and supported by the Municipality. We are super excited to see the next developments and we wish you all the godspeed in this new and exciting adventure!

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