“Museum of Ukrainian Victory” just launched!

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a war-documentary project on scanning the historical heritage of the Russian war against Ukraine

On December 6, the digital heritage exhibition will be opened in Lviv, which will include the first part of exhibits collected by the team and partners of Pixelated Realities and objects of other scanners of Ukraine and the world.

Pixelated Realities PO gathers major stakeholders in the sphere of heritage conservation in Ukraine and EU, including representatives of Ministry of culture and information of Ukraine, Mayor of Lviv (UNESCO World Heritage City), 4CH Project, UNESCO Denmark, CCR – La Venaria Reale to speak about the strategies for recovery after the major ruination of heritage sites from the Russian war.

Within the framework of the Forum, a presentation of the Museum of Ukrainian Victory, three panel discussions on the preservation of cultural and historical heritage, 3D scanning during the war, and the heritage perspectives of the future are planned. In the evening, participants will visit the exhibition, networking and watch documentaries.

Representatives of the government, scientific and business circles, object scanners, journalists and volunteers will take part in the discussions.

The objects collected will soon become a history, as the traces of destruction are unceasingly removed from the streets of cities. Showing the fragility of the welfare and things, which we, unsurprisingly, take for granted, on the contrary the collection aims to represent the hope living in people, the struggle and will to win back their quiet lives.

  •   Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes “Territory of Terror”, barrack 1, Chornovola Avenue, 45 Г.
  • December 6-20
  • Opening on December 6 at 16:00

Project “Museum of UA Victory” is implemented by Pixelated Realities NPO with the support of European Cultural Foundation, the Foundation for United Nations SDG (FFUN SDG) and Istituto Italiano di Cultura Kyiv.

The event is supported by Museum “Territory of Terror” (Lviv) and Hnat Khotkevych Palace of Culture.

Organizers: NPO Pixelated Realities FFUN SDG

Curators of the exhibition: Iana Boitsova, Vira Liutenko, Iuliia FrolovaAssistants: Roksolana Semenchuk

Participants: Pixelated Realities PO, Aero3DEngineering, Skeiron, Gwara Media, ScanUA, War up close, PinselAR, Mykhailo Sharkov

Special guest: Fabian Knecht (Germany)


The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine

Lviv City Administration

Lviv City administration department of culture

Museum “Territory of Terror” (Lviv)

Hnat Khotkevych Palace of Culture

INFN (Florence)

4CH (EU, Italy)

Bridgeast Consulting & Events by Selamat kft

UNESCO Denmark

UNESCO di Catania

ICONEM (Paris)

Odesa Fine Arts Museum (Odesa)

CREA (Mykolaiv)

LNPU Department of Restoration of Architectural and Artistic Heritage (Lviv)

Reality Capture by Epic

City Museum