Creative FLIP


Creative FLIP stands for Finance, Learning, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights for the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSI).

The project currently runs until the end of 2023. Building on the achievements of its Pilot Phase (2019-2021), the consortium continues to organize activities supporting the CCS’ actors by improving access to finance, issuing recommendations for CCS skills classification, piloting innovative learning concepts & enhancing creative skills development, and boosting knowledge management in the field of IPR for the cultural and creative sectors.


For a maximized impact, Creative FLIP strengthens cross-sectoral cooperation, connecting different sectors, policy areas and the project’s four components – Finance, Learning, Innovation, IP.


In the course of this project cycle 2021-2023 the consortium organises and implements various activities such as desk research, surveys, focus groups and international conferences. With the flagship Creatives Unite and the development of two interactive tools for better access to Finance and information on IPR, Creative FLIP is also continuously working on its resource platform, a one-stop-shop for the sector.