CHLaYdoscope Project aims at supporting the development of Community-based youth leadership (YCLs) through an innovative mentorship and non-formal education program designed and delivered by experienced European Creative Hub Leaders (ECHLs).

The project has been co-designed by ECHLs and representatives of European Youth Organizations (YOs) starting from shared considerations on the roles these stakeholders could be playing in Europe for youths, especially in this very moment marked by Covid19 and in relation to the main priority the project wants to address: “Promoting active citizenship, young people’s sense of initiative and youth entrepreneurship including social”.

Creative Hubs in Europe (ECHs) have been recognized in the past few years not only for their roles in supporting and promoting creative entrepreneurship, but also as spaces for local communities to gather, explore new challenges, organize social and economic life of the people living in it. ECHs are inspired by new forms of leadership with a completely different skill set and understanding than more traditional forms of institutions.

 CHLs are able to offer fresh approaches for finding innovative solutions to complex societal problems through co-creation, bottom-up and community-focused approaches. They have become experts in running their internal communities, made up of freelancers, creative people, youths in need of spaces and competences, connections and ideas to find their pathway into employment.