S4Fashion is empowering small medium-sized enterprises to introduce new sustainable and circular economy products, services, methods, tools and business models for the fashion industry.


We aim to identify and amplify the best and up to date practices for a greener fashion sector.


The project, throughout its three year life cycle, will produce new evidence-based knowledge on sustainability and circular economy for the fashion industry and share its findings with the whole ecosystem of the European fashion community.


S4Fashion is co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union.


The objective of the project is to support, connect and empower 25 transnational partnerships to work collaboratively for the creation of sustainability solutions for the fashion industry.


Interested partnerships will form pilot project ideas in response to the S4Fashion Call for Proposals. The 25 successful pilot projects will benefit from a bespoke programme including mentoring, networking opportunities and financial support. 


Beyond the pilot projects, a much larger number of organizations will be supported through a parallel programme of workshops and training activities building a system of transnational sustainable fashion laboratories for the testing and measurement of new methodologies.


Our vision is to influence the European fashion community to change perspectives and redefine the fashion sector responding to the needs of our time for an ethical, inclusive and responsible production and consumption. 


We want to create a space where the whole European fashion ecosystem can innovate, collaborate and share knowledge during and beyond the lifecycle of the project.