BauTopia3 happened in Timisoara with an incredible community!

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It was quite a journey and we were really happy to host ECHN members for another Hubs Meetup! Every participant helped make this event a special one, with a true feeling of an enlarged, multiple and diverse family! We want to thank (again) our incredible hosts at FOR, FABER and Ambasada for making this a memorable experience. 

The two day event was focusing mainly on networking and community building, putting the spotlight on creative hub managers and setting up a platform to reflect on the professional practice of creative-hubs-making. By uniting professionals and experts, BauTopia 3 invited participants to join a series of interactive sessions and networking activities that facilitated an exchange of stories, know-how and inspirations that form the mosaic of the diverse ECHN family.

We have uploaded the highlights of each day on the Bautopia3 website , with pictures from @tataruseba

Thank you again for making this another memorable gathering!