Hubs Alliance Mobility 2023

Are you ready to expand the borders of your workspace beyond your hub’s walls?


By joining the Hubs Alliance, creative hubs unite their spaces and facilities to create a cross-border workspace.


Cultural and creative professionals who usually work in a single creative hub will have the chance to navigate the Hubs Alliance exploring new professional communities and delving into local creative scenes.

Creative hubs can join the Hubs Alliance in any moment by filling in the form below. By joining the Alliance, creative hubs open their doors to cultural and creative professionals coming from other creative hubs.


This call is open to cultural and creative professionals based in a creative hub holding a regular or associate membership with ECHN.

If you are a hub member join the hubs aliance by updating your hub information

Cultural and creative professionals can apply via the form below. To be eligible, the candidates should first pick their matching hub and confirm their availability before filling in the application form. You can browse ECHN’s Network Map – you can filter your search according to country, sectors, services and facilities. Make sure to tick the “Hubs Alliance” box!


The application form needs to be filled in by the individual professional, not by the creative hub.

ECHN has the right to decline any application that does not fulfil the program’s requirements.

Click here to apply to this year's mobility scheme