Business Modelling & Management

Peer to Peer Learning Program 2023

The P2P Learning Program with our Bucharest hub was designed to hold mutual learning and the sharing of best practices between our teams. This visit aimed to explore innovative approaches, gain insights into operational efficiencies, and enhance our understanding of the cultural and community dynamics within the Bucharest hub.

1. Arrival in Bucharest

Upon arrival in Bucharest, I was warmly welcomed by the local team. The initial interaction was positive, setting a tone of camaraderie and openness for the forthcoming exchange.

2. Meeting the Team and Hub Tour

The tour of the Bucharest hub was an enlightening experience. I met with various team members, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise. The hub's design and operational flow were particularly impressive, showcasing a blend of efficiency and creativity conducive to a productive work environment.

3. City Tour and Alternative Spaces

Exploring Bucharest's alternative spaces was an eye-opening aspect of the visit. The tour highlighted how the city's cultural and historical context shapes its business and community spaces. These insights are invaluable for understanding the local market and community engagement strategies.

4. Community Gathering at Co-Living Space

Organizing a community gathering at the co-living space provided an opportunity to engage directly with the hub's community members. This interaction was crucial in understanding the needs and preferences of the local community, which is essential for tailoring our services and initiatives.

5. Specialty Coffee Training at AM Social Space

Joining the AM Social Space team for a specialty coffee training was not only enjoyable but also informative. This session highlighted the importance of skill development and the potential of such initiatives for team building and enhancing customer service quality.

Key Learnings and Recommendations

Innovative Hub Design: Implementing some of the design elements and operational flows observed in the Bucharest hub could enhance our work environment.

Cultural Integration: Incorporating local cultural elements into our community engagement strategies can improve relations and effectiveness.

Skill Development Programs: Organizing similar training sessions, like the specialty coffee training, can boost team skills and morale.


The P2P exchange with the Bucharest hub was a valuable experience, contributing significantly to our goal of continuous improvement and innovation. The insights and learnings from this trip are expected to have a lasting positive impact on our practices and community engagements.