Ideation Session #1 Do you know how to assess your impact?

co-creation sessions

The Ideation Sessions is a new series of working sessions initiated among the community of the European Creative Hubs Network (ECHN). The Ideation Sessions aim to create a space to exchange knowledge with our peers and get inspired by the best practices in our hubs. This report is the compilation of the process of the first working session on the topic “Do you know (how to assess) your impact?”.

The goal of this session was to bring up new dimensions of the creative hub’s impact (locally and wider), and reflect together on the generated value to, maybe in the future, find some standards on this subject for hybrid creative spaces.

Co-hosted by Marina Mussapi (Base), Vittoria Brolis (Basis), Michael Schuster (Basis), and Jeanne Fené (ECHN) this online session was held in order to exchange and work around the following questions: How can we assess our value and the value we generate at a local and wider level? What kind of impact areas can be relevant? How can we measure it? To whom we would like to address it?

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