ECHN Workshop - Rural Hacking Toolkit

ToolkitECHN Workshop 2022

This toolkit is the result of the first ECHN Workshop hosted by Anceu Coliving in the Galician countryside. The ECHN Workshops put the spotlight on smaller or peripheral creative hubs in order to identify hidden basins of innovative practices and accelerate the sharing of knowledge among the members of the ECHN network and beyond.

Anceu Coliving is a rural hub that promotes impactful initiatives in the local territory, activating local communities and inviting creatives for residencies centred on engaging practices. The toolkit “Rural Hacking- the toolkit for rural activists” compiles all the knowledge unravelled during the Workshop and is enriched with a series of real-life examples provided by Anceu Coliving and some of the participants in the Workshop.

It is an invaluable resource for both rural and urban hub managers, as it encourages self-development and effective leadership. You can navigate the toolkit to explore the necessary steps for an impact-driven project, including aspects on the organisational level as well as on the emotional level - two vital dimensions for an effective and consistent project. 
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